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2013 Gretsch 6128T-QM FSR from Ishibashi:

Different from the image of the Duo Jet Black and top悍, the top of the beautiful heather th FSR of charm (Factory Special Run) model. The combination of the blue of delicate shades and Quilted maple carefully selected, we have the image of a sea crystal clear beautiful. ”Add a touch of color” this FSR Duo Jet model that was not the color scheme so far is a model literally Gretsch, which celebrated its 130th anniversary. Specifications other than the top, so is the same as all of the regular model and “G6128T Duo Jet”, the sound of the Duo Jet has its own is Chen Bird body is alive and well. 

Such blue!


I think of all the -ographies, “selenography” is my favorite.

Enjoy these historical atlases of the moon, the earliest studies of the moon’s surface features (AKA “selenography”). The above were drawn by:

  • Michel van Langren (1645)
  • Johannes Hevelius (1647)
  • Giovanni Cassini (1679)
  • Tobias Mayer (1749)
  • Richard Andree (1881)
  • Henry White Warren (1879)

Previously: Check out Galileo’s watercolor illustrations of the moon, and find out how a few simple sketches realigned the heavens.

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